Why Jitegemee

Reasons to Choose Jitegemee

Academic Facility

The attractive facilities to support learning such as classrooms, Libraly, Lab ect. We offer a practical education so as to rise up future scientists through our well-equipped biology, physics and chemistry laboratories, accompanied by project rooms. Computer and ICT laboratory with the intention of producing well educated and infirmed students in science, technology and modern innovation.

Discipline & Counseling

Jitegemee has been looking for those potential students and help them to reach their goals in education by raising them with knowledge and good bahaviour, patriotism and make them be good citizens.

Sport Facility

Apart from its academic excellence Jitegemee (JKT) Secondary School has a well-organized Sports and Cultural activities. The school participates in various competitions which are organized by different sports association at the secondary schools level. we have modern courts to such as Basketball Court, Netball court, Volleyball Court, Handball Court and Football pitch. also we involve in Cultural groups like steel band, choir and traditional dances and drama.

Great History

School Started 1974 initial was for military personnel who lacked secondary education. In 1985 the Ministry of Defense and National Service saw the need of changing the purpose of the schools, hence, it suggested the introduction of lessons for children of military personnel and the community around the school.










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