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The history of Jitegemee (JKT) Secondary school goes back to the year 1974. In that year, the Ministry of Defence and National Service thought of the need of establishing some secondary schools for teaching some of its military personnel who lacked secondary education. By then the school was supervised by the Institute of Adult Education; a department of the Ministry of Education.

In 1985 the Ministry of Defense and National Service saw the need of changing the purpose of the schools, hence, it suggested the introduction of lessons for children of military personnel and the community around the school, while phasing out gradually the enrolment of military personnel. In 1987 the school was registered by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

In the year 1993 the school started offering Advanced Level studies. Since then, the school has been growing quantitatively and qualitatively to the extent of being recognised as one of the best and biggest schools in Tanzania.

About Us

Vision and Mission


Jitegemee (JKT) Secondary School is a learning institution which envisages to play a proactive role on the basis of offering better quality education towards creating a conscious, knowledgeable, skilled and informed citizenry as its contribution towards poverty eradication in our country, in compliance with the Tanzania Education Policy which emphasizes aspects of Accessibility, Equity and Quality.


In order to reach our aspiration (VISION) the school through its short-and-long term Development plan (SDP) undertakes the following:-

Guiding students on several subjects according to curriculum directed by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

Preparing students to continue with further studies in higher learning institutions all over the world.

Preparing students to meet several challenges of life after completion of their Ordinary and Advanced levels of their studies.

Preparing students to meet the contemporarily demands and realities of scientific development by offering science subjects and ICT.

Introducing and participating students in Extra Curricula activities i.e. Environment conservation, sports and games, cultural activities, self-reliant activities etc.

Promoting self-reliance spirit, confidence and independence through Academic Excellence Program (AEP) by study groups approach.

Advising parents and guardians on proper upbringing of their children through parents’ meetings and consultations.

Participating in the creation of disciplined society through parades, cleanliness emphasizes on punctuality and so on for the sake of producing students with a sense of confidence, civic consciousness, self-discipline, patriotism, cross cultural tolerance, cooperation and acceptance of responsibility to others in the world community.


School Leaders

Col Robert Kessy
Maj Mao waryoba
Deputy Headmaster Administration
Mrs Emma Mosha
Deputy Headmistress Academics
Capt Jacob Ezekiel
Students Registrar










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