Admission Procedures

New Ordinary and Advanced levels students are admitted in January and March respectively. To qualify for selection, they are required to fill in the application forms available at the Bursar’s office.

The Application Forms outside Tanzania can be considered but Hostel facility is limited

Fees once paid are not refundable.

All students, if accepted, are expected to abide by the Jitegemee (JKT) Secondary School regulations and other procedures.

The deadline for registration of first year student is the first day of the beginning of the first term.

During the course of study, the students are not supposed to change their names. And for Advanced - Level students they are allowed to use only names that appear in their Ordinary - level certificates.

No student will be allowed to postpone studies after effective commencement of academic year except under special circumstances. Permission to postpone studies will be considered and granted only after the applicant has produced satisfactory evidence giving reasons for the postponement.


Minimum Admission Requirements

Ordinaly Level

There is normally an entry examination in which a student is required to get at least 41% marks in order to be enrolled.

Advance Level
  1. A candidate must have a minimum of 3 credits (Cs and above) and two pass (Ds) from any subject. OR A candidate must have a balanced combination with all three credits.
  2. Two credit in a combination including one pass in the same sitting can be considered. For ECA and HGE combinations, a candidate must have at least a pass in Mathematics plus the credit-pass in the core subjects.

It is emphasized that the requirements given above are only minimum and do not in any way guarantee a place at Jitegemee (JKT) Secondary School.